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This therapy is not recommended. It is the success immediately, but a large-scale treatment of the skin is not possible with the device. Typically, a small needle or even a bullet in some kind of gun is attached. Millimeters way is extremely heated the blood vessel by the needle is a bet.

For breast implants, there are certifications for various types and forms. Women can choose between different implant volume, implant designs and types of implants. Slim women have less tissue in the chest area and wear the implant rather under instead of over the breast muscle so that the...

The belly button correction is often performed with a tummy tuck together, can be done as well as less singular intervention. The risks for complications and duration of the intervention are accordingly different. In a pure belly button correction procedure takes only 30 min

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In some cases it is necessary to make the complete outer ear in the most beautiful shape possible. If essential parts of the ear are missing for the function of hearing, or the ear is strikingly unnatural, then an artificially modeled ear can help. Modern methods use stem cell cultures on ear...

PO Expand - the enlargement of the Po can be performed with implants or injections by fat or fillers such as hyaluronic acid. The Po with autologous fat injection to is, if you also vacuum would like to have fat in other areas of the body. With the enlargement of the buttocks, skin problems like...

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