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Muscle tissue or even fat and skin tissue is taken from the back or the belly, to thus form a new breast. The "ideal" weight of the breast will be prized with approximately 300 to 500 grammes. Bigger breasts can cause postural defects due to their weight.

The insertion of the implant means a lengthy preparation for the patient. The large breast muscle must exist, the skin must have still a certain elasticity.
Before this kind of breast change into consideration, a mammogram and possibly an MRI should be performed, because calcium...

During pregnancy, the breasts vary greatly. The breast responds to some women very sensitive touches, so that at times, wearing clothes is a pain. After a few months, the body on the hormonal changes has largely set and it is significantly better.

Simultaneously with the...

Due to the hormone dihydrotestosterone, hair is getting thinner and eventually fails (E.g. over the forehead). Hairs on the back of the head are not affected and can therefore for a transplant used.

reasons for hair loss

  • organ diseases
  • drugs
  • ...

Drooping eyelids, hanging eyelids or bags also can be corrected aesthetically. This correction is carried out like in the upper eyelid, considered a very diffizilerer intervention, but, not here too much skin can be removed. Also bags as fat filled with lymph removed it carefully.


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