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Against snoring with a nasal concha reduction.Anyone ever had a stuffy nose. In most cases, it is caused by a harmless cold which soon disappears. It suffers from chronic however, this could be a serious problem. Trigger for this can be pollutants in the air we breathe,...

Not only women, but especially men, feel - usually after accidents or congenital weakness - a narrowing of the calves than aesthetic imperfection.
Here, medical science offers implants, which for the time being are made of silicone.
The lasting durability is very doubtful...

During pregnancy, the breasts vary greatly. The breast responds to some women very sensitive touches, so that at times, wearing clothes is a pain. After a few months, the body on the hormonal changes has largely set and it is significantly better.

Simultaneously with the...

The sympathetic nervous system as part of the autonomic nervous system controls the expansion of blood vessels in the body, which in turn are responsible for the flush. He influenced so blood pressure, heartbeat, blood circulation, but also metabolism E.g. with faster deployment of energy...

Take off with ultrasound - Reduce fat without surgery and without sports an ultrasonic lipolysis is a pain-free, alternative method for liposuction in plastic surgery. A distinction is made between home and applications accompanied by professionals or doctors.


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