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The most common is the general anesthesia. She performed mainly in large, heavy procedures and if the patient prior to surgery has great fear.

Pre-surgery anxiolytic drugs administered, such as benzodiazepines. In addition, more funds are arranged at special risk, about to reduce the...

Eyebrows - and even forehead lift can be performed separately or together. Lower the eyebrows over the decades, the plastic surgery can help. While a cut above is carried along the eyebrow, a sliver of skin removed and sewn. The success means a fresher look and bigger eyes.

Depending on the nature and severity of the surgery the doctor or the patient also can decide either which kind of anaesthesia he will choose. In particular an extensive conversation with the anesthesiologist is important, previously, who must share with all the benefits and risks of anesthesia...

With an age of about 40 years, the connective tissue is considerably weaker. This becomes especially on contour strong points such as the Chin and the neck area. An older impression of a flaccid neck, hanging cheeks and double chin. In particular the appearance of wrinkles on the neck is...

Not only women, but especially men, feel - usually after accidents or congenital weakness - a narrowing of the calves than aesthetic imperfection.
Here, medical science offers implants, which for the time being are made of silicone.
The lasting durability is very doubtful...

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