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Scars caused by accidents, skin diseases and operations. If there are scars on the face they can cause severe psychological problems. Scars can affect the skin or underlying tissue in their function, E.g. If burns on the skin have taken place or were infections or inflammation (such as smallpox...

Protruding ears are a deformity of Pinna, already resulting in the development of the embryo. An excess of tissue in the vicinity of the ear canal with a protruding inner ear or an exceptionally large ears cause the effect of sailing ears. An ears OP can perform at the earliest...

Get freckles

Freckles caused by pigment cells in the skin (melanocytes), which produce increasingly darker pigments (melanin) and surrender to the neighbouring Horn-forming cells (keratinocytes) and discolor it.

Freckles cause and risk

Genetic conditions of each skin type I...

The vertical neck muscles can emerge strongly in the course of life and the skin in the neck area is wrinkled. If there is still a certain tension, an endoscopic neck lift can be attempted.

Below the Chin, 2 cuts are attached, the flabby muscle under the Chin or ears severed, streamlined,...

Before the thigh lift , drawn in standing up the fence and voted together with the patient, how much skin should be removed. There are different methods and cutting guides for the thigh tightening.

The skin is pulled after cutting from bottom to top. The excess skin is...

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