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Abdominoplasty with abdominal muscles


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The vertical abdominal muscles can moving laterally so that no straight strands of muscle lost more belly. This occurs especially after pregnancies. The vertical muscles are drifting apart and in the middle of the belly a more visible, more ugly gap emerges. The gap can be in the middle of the abdominal folds where the obvious so that in some cases only a surgery helps, if you want to have a tight, symmetrical belly. 


In the course of a pregnancy, the abdominal muscles and fibers between the strands of muscle stretch slightly. These are similarly stretched after the birth. The more extended the belly in pregnancy, the muscle and fibre overstretch is more pronounced. Multiple pregnancies increase the risk of overstretching not more naturally formed back.In rarer cases, also severely overweight and extreme bodybuilding cause of overstretch which leads to an abdominal wall weakness. 


Because in some cases a degeneration of the muscles and fibers is included, excess skin is no longer completely possible there is the possibility of making the surgery for aesthetic reasons. The wrinkles in the skin of the belly arise usually increase in a range up to 10 cm wide and about 15cm long in the middle of the belly.The muscles will be brought back by seams in their correct position. The abdominal tissue or the abdominal wall must be stabilised by a network in extreme cases. When inserting a network can quickly form scar tissue and harden at the beginning of the healing phase. Within the framework of the operation to ensure that the intervention runs minimally invasive with a short cut in the skin, so that minimal visible scarring area remains.The surgery on the abdominal muscles for aesthetic reasons sense with the whole abdomen skin tightening might formed much excess skin or if it is unlikely, that the skin can disappear again as desired.A liposuction on the stomach can be carried out in some cases, if you can play no sports E.g. short - and medium-term. At liposuction in the area of the belly must be careful to Bauchwandschächen and belly button breaks, to prevent injury to internal organs. 



A gap is created between the straight stomach muscles in the area of the linea alba. She can be acquired or congenital anomaly (very rare) are observed. Currently, a Rektusdiastase of about two centimeters is considered pathological findings should be treated in Germany. The gap is most in the area of the navel.

Abdominal wall rupture

Through a hole in the (inner) abdominal wall, viscera from the abdominal cavity emerge visible under the skin.

Belly button broken

The cause of fracture of the belly button is the poor training of the abdominal wall at the belly button. The belly button inverts then outwards. In adults, belly button fractions are fairly common without causing symptoms. There are many techniques for the surgical treatment of fractures of the belly button. Choosing the 'right' surgical technique is among other things depending on the size of the hernia, the activity of the patient, the General State of health.


A shift of the abdominal muscles causes itself usually no symptoms. The gap is always palpable in the middle of the belly. Under stress of the abdomen may cause a bulging. In the last 3 months of pregnancy pain in the lower back and hip during physical exertion can cause.In the middle of the abdomen can be formed a skin bag, caused by the excess tissue, over-stretched muscles and the skin excess. 


In a diagnosis by the doctor is the patient on the back and is prompted to tense the abdominal wall by lifting of the head. In the hole in the abdominal wall between the tense muscles can be felt by the doctor with his fingers above the navel. This recess can be felt also even very easily. The gap is visible when you laugh or cough. An ultrasound can help with large forms of the gap.DURATION OF THE TUMMY TUCK AND ABDOMINAL OPERATIONThe patient and the surgeon coordinate the scope of the operation together. Because usually an aesthetic surgery is the goal, the operation is combined with other interventions. So the abdominal is combined with a skin tightening operation. The duration for the entire surgery is at least 2 to 3 hours. 


• Balanced abdominal muscles• Belly wrinkles remove or smooth• Optical regeneration 


• Severe case of Rektusdiastase• Abdominal umbilical hernia• Abdominal wall rupture• Severe weight loss for obesity 


The cost of the correction are highly variable, since the OP is combined with a skin tightening and the expansion of the treated area plays a role. An average combined operation costs about 7500 to 9000 euro.

Price - cost in euro: 

7500 - 9000


Operation kind

usually under local anesthesia

Operation duration

Depending on the size of the intervention 1-3 hours

Stay in the clinic

2 -3 days

Resultassessed after 2-4 months
Ability to workDepending on the procedure 2 to 6 weeks
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Infection, haemorrhage
  • Sensory disturbances in the operated area
  • Tearing the muscle seams (with increased cough)
  • Circulatory problems
  • SCAR Ridge
Health insuranceassumes the cost, only medical indexed cases rarely


Before surgery:
  • 10 days before any blood-thinning agents
  • 10 days before no cigarette and alcohol consumption
  • Forego hormone medications or birth control pills
  • To assess the success of the surgery, before and after images can be created.
  • The doctor marked the places to be treated
  • A general anesthetic is given
  • Hospital stay of 2 to 3 days
  • The surgery can be scheduled during the summer.
 After the surgery:
  • 4 weeks only light physical activity
  • Abstain from cigarettes and alcohol for several weeks
  • Wear compression Bras, which is adjusted before the surgery
  • After one to two weeks, it is again capable of work for light physical work
  • The abdomen is fully loadable after 3 months
  • Sleeping on the side of non-implanted
  • Wound care
  • A wound secretions may escape from the wounds
  • The treated area should not dotted print be exposed, since that that otherwise affects healing and hence the contour.

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