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Sugaring to remove hair as the gentle method is becoming more popular. Only natural ingredients are used in this form of epilation. Ingredients include sugar, lemon and water. The hair should be 5 mm long at least, can be epilated but also from 1 mm.

Sugaring and waxing difference

The difference between the two methods is that natural ingredients are used in the sugaring purely, in the waxing using hot wax that is not necessarily so. The sugaring removes the hair in the growth direction, the waxing against the direction of growth. The hair with sugaring is less painful. The sugar paste is applied only to the hair, not the skin. Therefore sugaring is especially suitable for people with sensitive skin. In contrast to the waxing can at the sugaring shorter hair and even hair stubble up to 3 MM be removed.

Hair removal with Halawa

Halawa brand protected in Germany may be offered only with the consent of the trademark owner Halawa Aliki Gath under the brand name Halawa. Halawa is a mixture of sugar, water and lemon juice, which is applied against the grain of the hair. With a cloth or even the hands the sugar paste is removed then with the grain.


Sugaring recipe

  • 1 large organic Lemon slice (better than lemon juice from the bottle)
  • Squeeze the organic Lemon into a small glass (approx. 0.2 L)
  • Fill 1 kilo of refined white sugar in a pot
  • Pour the lemon juice
  • Pour a small glass of water with 0.2 L in the pot
  • Heat the mixture in the saucepan over medium setting on the stove
  • Stirring constantly
  • As soon as bubbles form in the sugar paste, take the pot from the heat and continue stirring until no bubbles are more. It repeated that several times in the next 5 minutes until the mixture very foamy and is yellowish.
  • Then allow to cool the sugar paste and resealed in Tupperware.
  • To apply the box then in a Bain-Marie or in the microwave reheating

Advantage of the sugaring

During the sugaring hair are not painful torn down, but rather simply skin pulled in the direction of growth. The molecules of sugar paste are so small that they can penetrate into the structure of the hair. Thus, the paste can connect with the hair and the hair is easily pulled out.

Depilation and epilation

Depilation is the removal of the visible part of the hair. The roots of the hair is removed, however, an epilation or destroyed. For all methods of epilation, hair growth is slowed after a sugaring session and the skin remains longer smooth and supple as when a shave. Regrowing hair will be after the first applications, which makes the sugaring less painful getting thinner and softer.

Body sugaring

Sugaring, one can agree dates in the Studio from the sixteenth year of life itself. Before that, you need the consent of their parents. The hair for the sugaring treatment should be at least 3 mm and a maximum of 1 cm long. Most Studios divide the body into different zones which can be booked also combined. So, the costs remain manageable and tailored to the needs. Legs cost 30 euro, low-25 euro and the squealing 50 euros per application.

Price - cost in euro: 

25 - 150


Type of treatmentNo local anaesthetic necessary
Duration of treatmentDifferent. Depending on the skin surface, which should be beahndelt.
  • Skin irritations
  • Red dots in places of the former hair roots
  • Ingrown hairs through a clogged hair channel
SuccessAbout several successful treatments because different growth phases Hahn have and not all hair in a session can be treated.
DurabilityNot permanently, but with subsequent applications are the Häärchen thin and grow more slowly. Thus, also the opiate is becoming less and less painful.


Before the treatment:

  • 2 weeks before no longer shaving
  • 1-3 days before any exposure to the Sun or tanning beds
  • Remove piercings or other body jewelry
  • On the day of treatment no peeling
  • No creams on the day of treatment

After the treatment:

  • 1-3 days before any exposure to the Sun or tanning beds
  • 1 day no sports
  • 1-3 days no cleaning with alcohol-based
  • 1-3 days no cleaning products with chemical additives
  • Regular gentle exfoliation to prevent ingrown hairs

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