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Breast reconstruction with implant


The insertion of the implant means a lengthy preparation for the patient. The large breast muscle must exist, the skin must have still a certain elasticity.
Before this kind of breast change into consideration, a mammogram and possibly an MRI should be performed, because calcium deposits in the breast can be the beginning of cancer. It is difficult for the doctor to the difference between scar tissue and deposits of lime, therefore can and should be removed for the safety of a tissue sample.


The conditions are fulfilled, the plastic surgeon will stretch first the fabric slightly, this is done with an "Expander" referred to in medical circles. This instrument is similar to a balloon and is filled with saline.
The procedure takes about 6 months and is 1-2 x per week performed. It is possible to insert an implant after sufficient stretching.
Implant fillings (usually 250 ml)

  • Saline solution (approximately 6-9 years durable); young girls this solution is injected about 50-100 milliliters in a weekly rhythm, so that slower stretches the skin
  • Hydrogel (taken partially from the market)
  • Silicone gel (each according to manufacturer serious consequential implant damage)
  • Soybean oil, was partially withdrawn due to leak some time ago from the market

Outer structure of the implant

  • Smooth surface:
    Most commonly used. The smooth shape of the surface of the implant feels softer from the outside, but requires a constant maintenance (or massage) by the patient. It can be a capsular Contracture may be more.
  • Surface rough (textured):
    The fabric combines very well with the implant.

Operation interface

  • Fold at the bottom side of the chest (the most carried out option)
  • Nipple
  • Through the armpit (should be performed only by a highly experienced plastic surgeons). A capsular Contracture may increase the risk is, if the implant above the breast muscle was performed

After inserting the implant

Reached to a symmetry of the breasts are, a second healthy breast surgery may be necessary to achieve a balance, because a breast implant rather retain their shape. The natural breast can sag age.
The nipple itself becomes only after complete healing by a skin flap, which originates from the earlobe or the upper eyelid. Then she is tattooed in several sessions.

Price - cost in euro: 

4000 - 6000


Operation kind

General anesthesia

Operation duration

about 1-2 hours


2-3 Days


usually very well

Ability to work

After 2-3 weeks


  • the hull of the implant can break
  • the liquid of the implant can leak through an intact shell
  • It can develop a capsular Contracture
  • Infections
  • Change the sensitivity of your nipples and breasts
  • Voltage feelings can dominate some time in the breast, even after the flying or diving (days subside after 1-2)
  • When x-rays every doctor that should be made aware, that a breast implant was used, since this is often opaque in the X-ray image


subsides after approximately 8 to 15 years here - if a new implant is desired then used


usually very well


Prior to surgery:

  • 10 Days before any blood-thinning medication
  • 10 Days before no cigarette and alcohol consumption
  • Obtain information about the quality of the implant (i.e. it should have a CE - or EU number)
  • Antibiotikaeinnahme - is used very often before other operations - infection risk

After the surgery:

  • Wear a bras for at least 6-8 weeks
  • No sporting activity at this time
  • No hot bathing or showering for at least 2-3 weeks
  • No sunbathing
  • Several months no heavy lifting and carrying
  • Annual follow-up

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