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Breast augmentation


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Many women suffer from a small chest or a chest, the form of which is not the ideal of beauty that is self-imposed.Nutrition, sport or hormone therapies help only to a limited extent. The aging, hormonal changes, diseases, pregnancies and diets change breasts and many want to counteract the process at an early stage with a breast augmentation.

Drain of the breast surgery

Preparation and preliminary

Prior to surgery, the plastic surgeon leads a conversation to resolve the last outstanding issues and again briefly explains the sequence of operation. One must soberly come to the appointment. I.e. it is usually in the evening before the last meal and omits the breakfast. After the last meal is still a small snack like pretzel sticks or a piece of fruit in order. But should eat nothing at all at least the last six to eight hours before the start of the investigation or operation. You should also forgo smoking before surgery. Drugs are allowed only after prior consultation with a physician.


After that, the anesthesiologist clarifies last issues for scheduled general anesthesia. Mostly, it has already filled a personal questionnaire for the anesthesia in advance because each anesthesia with certain risks associated.

Now, breast enlargements are carried out also with a friendly, pleasant and short sedation anesthesia. This short-acting painkillers for the OP supplied the sleeping pills. The drugs are usually well tolerated.

Even with a general anesthesia, as gentle, short-acting sleeping and pain medications administered through the vein. In addition it is ventilated but via a tube in the neck. Nausea, vomiting and circulation problems rarely occur in modern General.

Breast surgery than traditional breast augmentation

The classic breast augmentation used a cut in the skin crease under the breast. The breast implant in the breast above the breast muscle, partly under the chest muscle or completely under the muscles can be placed through the opening in the skin. The plastic surgeons use this surgical technique, if you want to perform the operation easy and controlled.

Biggest disadvantage of the surgical technique is that the scars in the fold of the breast skin lying down are visible. Very good scar care or with subsequent scars laser scar can well brighten up and be significantly harder to detect.

Breast surgery as endoscopic breast augmentation

Implants are placed through a very small incision with key hole surgery to the desired location. The procedure is much gentler and healing small cuts can process the body faster. There are currently 2 for the cut. The underarm region and the nipple.

The breast implants are established with assistance from a mini camera on your underarms. The skin in the chest area will not be harmed and has no scars. The relationship between a scar in the armpit and an breast augmentation is to produce for others then hardly. Except for the larger breast, there is no obvious indication that it has decided for a breast augmentation.

At the end of the operation, drainage tubes be used to drain blood and wound secretions can be removed after one or two days. The wound is closed with fine sutures. The operation lasts about 1 to 2 hours. Typically, a hospitalization of 1-3 days is recommended, if it has not decided for an ambulatory variation. It depends how gently the surgery was performed and how quickly it has recovered immediately after surgery greatly.

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Breast implants

Surgeons insert usually implants in a size of about 200 or more cubic centimeters of silicone. These are processed in their composition (Hydro gel, silicone gel, oil) so well that providing a very high protection against injuries, leakage or pressure today.
The disadvantage of the insertion of silicone implants is especially if carried out mammograms for the early detection of breast cancer, it can result in an unclear X-ray. Also the silicone gel implants with little shape and cut major-accident may come out of the shell.
Saline implants be used little in Europe unless the patient explicitly requests it. Advantage of implants is that the discharge of saline solution is harmless for damage of the implant. Now there are silicone gel implants, which can run no longer. Also have saline implants significantly less natural and less feel real.

FAT instead of implant

Fat as a filler is performed rarely, founded by the possible loss of the own fat within the first year, making more operational subsequent corrections are necessary. Meanwhile, there are improved methods for the own fat extraction and processing, so that the percentage of fat cells, which do not grow but die off and be removed from the body, is always less.

In addition, only small breast enlargements with less than a cup size can be performed with fat.

The fat cells are extracted for this intervention with plenty of water and collected in a sterile container. After that, the own, pure fat without supplements under the mammary gland is distributed. The fat solution makes blood vessels then and merging with the surrounding tissue.

Surgery choices for breast augmentation

A reputable surgeon will recommend the best surgery in a preliminary talk with you. This depends on the desired/recommended volume of the implant, implant shape and implant type. In addition, your figure is crucial. Very slim women have less tissue in the chest area and may prefer wearing the implant under the breast muscle so that the implant does not so clearly looming, what but in turn is associated with a higher risk of slippage. On the other hand, there are now customizable implants that are post-operative dimensionally stable.

  • Implant under the breast muscle
  • Implant partially under the pectoralis
  • Implant over the pectoral muscle
  • Implant shape
  • Implant fill (silicone gel, saline or customizable combinations)
  • Instead of implant of autologous fat as a filler
  • Silicone gel type (cut resistance, rigidity, or Kohäsivitätsstufen)
  • Implant hull (smooth, structured)
  • Skin incision under the armpit
  • Skin incision on the nipple
  • Skin incision in the skin crease under the breast

Breast augmentation with the implant under the breast muscle

The implant can be placed "sub muscular" either completely under the chest muscles or "subpectoral" partly under the pectoral muscle here. Partial cover is replaced and then repositioned the large breast muscle on the bottom side. Usually this but no malfunctions or long-term complaints arise.

Advantages of an implant under the breast muscle

  • More cleavage by support under the breast muscle
  • Over the years no some, because the implants in the breast of the chest muscles are then kept
  • Implant may not emerge on the skin
  • Less visible wrinkles or structures with certain implants
  • Suitable for very slim women

Disadvantages of an implant under the breast muscle

  • The breast shape more difficult, because the muscle in
  • Painful after the surgery
  • Not suitable for women who train the upper body more or consume
  • Surgically demanding OP with more risk
  • Rather not suitable for curved breast baskets
  • In the years after that, there is a risk of a broader cleavage

Breast augmentation with the implant above the breast muscle

Above the breast muscle, the implant will either between the muscle and the mammary gland or before the breast muscle tissue, but in but in the soft tissue components placed the connective tissue. The position under the connective tissue reduces the visible contours and gives some more support.

Advantages of the placement of breast implants over the pectoral muscle

  • Breast forms with natural look depending on the implant's desire
  • The breast surgery is easier and less painful
  • Feeling slightly better, authenticity according to implant possible
  • Displacement of the implant by movements virtually impossible
  • Larger implants possible
  • Suitable for different baskets of chest
  • Suitable for women, which train your upper body more
  • Suitable for women with normal or full-bodied figure


  • Implant structure can emerge on the skin, especially in the visible region of the upper
  • Implant edges may be visible depending on the implant
  • Suitable for very slim women
  • In the years after a some big implants high-risk

Current breast implants are filled with a cohesive silicone gel that is reliable and secure. The gel provides a uniform shape and look natural, corresponding to the breast tissue. Gel-filled breast implants usually more natural look and feel more natural. The outer shell of the implants is smooth or structured.

After breast surgery

The recovery phase is very rapid and short, because the medicines be dismantled immediately after the surgery. After a period of recovery, you can rely completely awake and with stable cardiovascular recovery room. Immediately after chest surgery or the day after the armless Sports Bra sets, day and night after the OP should be worn which 4 to 8 weeks. Sleeping on your stomach is prohibited for this time, because when lateral or prone position could move the implants or twist into the cavity.

Usually embarks you after the surgery in his room at the clinic or may after careful OPs with companion home. Surgeons use mostly self-resolution thread for suturing the wounds. Thus, it saves the painful Fädenziehen after operations.

The weeks after the surgery you must restrict itself in all its activities, which take up the breast muscle. Especially over head activities are, how on and take off, pick items off shelves, wash hair, but also steering when driving and other everyday activities.

  • After the stay in the clinic, it is accompanied usually by a physician with several follow-up - and check-ups. Many doctors or clinics offer readiness problems include a 24/7.
  • On the day after the procedure, the drains removed and (re-) created a new Association and the special bra.
  • A week after the surgery to get to an examination of the Association will be changed.
  • Two weeks after the procedure, the patches will be removed.
  • After 3-4 weeks should be started with a scar treatment for at least 3 months, provided that the healing is complete.
  • A further examination is done after one or even two months
  • The next examination is carried out after 6 months if no problems have occurred
  • More checks then follow individually after agreement.

Pain after the breast augmentation

After the surgery, it comes to wound pain, pressure pain and pain by loosening the chest muscle. The pain can occur also side and below the breast if there excessive wound fluid and blood accumulates.

Best help middle pain relievers such as IBU600 and cooling the affected area. After a week, the pain usually subside so that one needs hardly any pain relievers or cooling.

When should a breast augmentation do not perform?

No breast enlargement in women with an active infection or with existing or previous breast cancer should be performed if this infection or breast cancer was not completely healed. Breast surgery may be not carried out also in pregnant or lactating women. Women who want to breastfeed babies later must take the risk of injury of the Michgänge or of the nearby nerves and be aware that breastfeeding on mobile devices could become more difficult.

When does health insurance cost for a breast augmentation?

Extreme mental impairment by a clearly deformed chest, a psychologist or gynecologist may recommend breast augmentation with a certificate. The certificate must be applied for with attached photos and a corresponding quotation from the respective insurance company. Health reply tore within 1 to 2 months.

Risk of capsular Contracture

The biggest risk for a breast augmentation is the capsular CONTRACTURE. This means that a capsule can formed around the implant. The breast feel hard and swollen, it can cause pain. In this case the surgeon to the replacement of the implant will advise, above all, if you can deform the capsule not from the outside. The surgery brings risks to the removal or exchange of the implant back again.

Price - cost in euro: 

4000 - 6000


Operation kind

usually general anesthesia

Operation duration

approx. 1 hour


1-3 Days




usually well

Ability to work

After 2-3 weeks


  • If to harden the connective tissue around the implant, the implant must be removed.
  • In case of occurring, the implant must be removed if necessary temporarily.
  • The incision around the nipple is performed the milk ducts or the Middle nerve can be injured.
  • After a serious fall or injury relating to breast implants should be inspected for damage
  • Change the sensitivity of your nipples and breasts
  • Feelings of tension in the chest can survive months
  • X-rays, for example, for the Brustkrebsvorsroge are more difficult.


8-15 yrs

Operation success

assessed after about 3 to 6 months


Prior to surgery:

  • 10 Days before any blood-thinning agents
  • 10 Days before no cigarette and alcohol consumption

After the surgery:

  • Wear a bras for at least 6-8 weeks
  • any sporting activity for 6-8 weeks
  • no hot bathing or showering for at least 2-3 weeks
  • several weeks no Sun
  • for several months no heavy lifting and carrying
  • 6-8 Weeks on their backs to sleep

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Monday, March 2, 2015 - 18:36

Hi Elena,

wenn Du noch nach Preisen suchst, kann ich Dir empfehlen die Suche auf deutsche Ärzte einzugrenzen. Es gibt zwar auch viele deutlich günstigere Preise in Europa, aber gerade bei einer Brustoperation tust Du Dir selbst da keinen großen Gefallen eine Klinik auszusuchen, die weit weg von Deiner Wohnung ist.

Ich hatte mich bei meiner ersten OP in Tschechien operieren lassen. Das hab ich aber scshon nach 1 Monat bereut, weil ich Nachsorge Termine hatte und immer weit reisen musste. Außerdem waren meine BWs nicht symmetrisch und ich hab das dann aber in Deutschland nachkorrigieren lassen.

Alles in allem solltest Du eher auf den Arzt als auf den Preis schaun. Das kann Dir Folgekosten sparen!

Liebe Grüße

Comment count: 4
Sunday, November 19, 2017 - 15:11

Hallo zusammen,
das ist bei mir ein wenig schlechter verlaufen. Die Brustimplantate wurden bei mir ohne dem Kürzen oder Lösen von Muskeln vor 12 Jahren implantiert. Bisher hatte ich noch keine Probleme, aber die Implantate sieht man schon bei bestimmten Bewegungen. Wenn einem das bewusst ist, dann vermeidet man die Positionen und das mir manchmal schon ziemlich unangenehm.
Wenn ich in den nächsten Jahren die Implantate mal tauschen lasse, dann werde ich das anders machen lassen. Mittlerweile glaube ich, dass natürliche Implantate mit Silikongel in Kombination mit entsprechenden Muskelanpassungen das beste Ergebnis für schlanke Menschen wie bringen. Aber mal schauen :)
Liebe Grüße Amira

Comment count: 14
Tuesday, December 6, 2016 - 08:38


ich kenne einen Simulator von mybody, bei dem man die Füllgröße dazu noch auswählen kann. Dabei kann man zumindest den Unterschied zwischen den einzelnen Implantatsgrößen feststellen. Das ist aber nur ein Anhaltspunkt. Den Hersteller und die Form des Implantats kann man dabei nicht bestimmen. Als erste Entscheidung zur Größe aber ganz ok.

Liebe Grüße Anastaniel

Comment count: 1
Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 00:23

Hi Mulan
die Nach OP war bei mir sehr teuer, weil ich die Implantate gleich mit getauscht habe. An dem Spass vor 3 Jahren mit 5800 Euro habe ich heute noch zu knabbern. Ansonsten hast Du ja wieder eine OP über eine Stunde mit entsprechendem Aufwand und Nachwirkungen. Du hast dann wieder Deinen Spezial BH und die Nachkontrollen die nächsten Monate.
Überlegs Dir gut, bevor Du den Schritt gehst, bei minimalen Unterschieden würde ich nichts nachbessern lassen bzw. frag eine gute Freundin nach dem sichtbaren Problem :) Manchmal stellt man an sich auch zu hohe Ansprüche, die nie erreicht werden können und verliert den Blick dafür...

Comment count: 7
Tuesday, July 23, 2019 - 22:49


Die Brustvergrößerungen mit Implantaten, die über dem Brustmuskel liegen, bieten die Möglichkeit wesentlich grössere Implantate einsetzen zu lassen. Frauen wie ich, die ein schwaches Bindegewebe haben, aber sonst genügend Gewebe an der Brust vorhanden ist können mit der OP über dem Brustmuskel ein schöneres Ergebnis haben finde ich. Aber auch wenn ihr Extremsport oder Sport mit starker Beanspruchung der Brustmuskeln betreibt, ist die OP über dem Brustmuskel auf jeden Fall besser bzw. unkomplizierter.

Da ich viel Gewebe an der Brust bereits vor der OP hatte, kann man die Verformungen des Implantats auch über der Brust kaum sehen.

GLG Gloria

Comment count: 14