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Breast implant safety


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For breast implants, there are certifications for various types and forms. Women can choose between different implant volume, implant designs and types of implants. Slim women have less tissue in the chest area and wear the implant rather under instead of over the breast muscle so that the implant is not so clearly emerging. Current implants have postoperative resistant natural shapes and consist of highly cohesive silicone gel protected by resistant covers of several layers.

Secure shells and silicone gel implants

The multi-tiered sleeves increase safety when exposed to high pressure or shock. The viscous silicone gel does not easily spread in the body after an accident but remains even when a violation of the case either in or close to the case. Previous generations with saline fillings or little cohesive silicone gel implants bargen always the risk that after an injury of the envelope the contents of the implant spread in the body.

Implants with modern and safe profiles.

The current implants surfaces have different pore, which ensure that the implants remain much safer in their place and not so easily slip. Modern breast implants have a natural drop-like shape with a double silicone core. While the inner core is harder and zähflüssiger as the outer layer, the implant embed much safer firmly into the surrounding tissue, and at the same time retains a natural shape.

Quality of breast implants

Many manufacturers promise high quality of breast implants, but not all companies have integrated expensive production processes for quality assurance and can offer also credible as a decades-long guarantee on their implants. Even if manufacturers 30 years or lifetime warranty on their implants in the framework of the sale offer, so this doesn't mean, that the company then still on the market are and meet their obligations. You should take young companies in this respect more closely scrutinized.

Certified implants

Since the PIP (Poly implant prosthesis) scandal TÜV's reputation has suffered certified breast implants slightly. The breast implants of manufacturer's were made with a cheap silicon industry. The properties of the implants were not the standard despite TÜV and in case of damage the affected women in the worst case can expect with none or only a small partial payment.

TÜV certification of breast implants is more critical since the incident, but a guarantee is not the seal. The TÜV-Rheinland TÜV had awarded its seal of approval for certification of the implants and appeared with as a plaintiff to proceed against the first decision of by a commercial court in Toulon, that a violation of the subject accused the TÜV. TÜV Rheinland has appealed against the verdict with good chances of success, since the companies were accused of fraudulent intentions.

Is better to put that long on the market anyway, on companies and are good.

Risks associated with breast implants

  • The hull of the implant can break
  • The contents of the implant may leak into the surrounding tissues
  • If to harden the connective tissue around the implant, the implant must be removed.
  • In case of occurring, the implant must be removed if necessary temporarily.
  • The incision around the nipple is performed the milk ducts or the Middle nerve can be injured.
  • After a serious fall or injury relating to breast implants should be inspected for damage
  • Change the sensitivity of your nipples and breasts
  • Feelings of tension in the chest can survive months
  • X-ray examinations for breast cancer screening are more difficult.

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Breast implants in comparison

Mentor breast implants

Mentor (founded in 1969) is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson and one of the leading companies as a manufacturer for aesthetic products to plastic surgeons since 2009. The company is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California and manufactures silicone gel breast implants for more than 30 years. The stable product titled MemoryGel was approved on November 17, 2006 by the us food and Drug Administration (FDA). The other products approved by the FDA are developed by Allergan and Sientra competitors.


Allergan breast implant

Allergan plc, formerly Actavis, before Watson Pharmaceuticals (founded 1984) is an Irish pharmaceutical company headquartered in Dublin and operational headquarters in New Jersey, United States. After the take-over of the American competitor Allergan, Inc. (founded in 1950) the name was changed plc by Actavis to Allergan. Allerrgan plc is a leading provider of a few hundred different types of implants. As a customer, you can choose form, volume, material and surface under medical advice. Breast implants of manufacturer Allergan are intensively tested, so that also the guidelines for European medical devices maintained in addition to the strict standards of the U.S. Food Administration.


Euro silicone breast implants

Euro Silicones develops and produces a wide range of breast implants and tissue expanders since 1987. The euro silicone breast implants are manufactured in its plant in France. Every implant comes with a lifetime warranty for patients. Global consolidated aesthetics (aesthetics of GC), which has over 40 years experience in the development and manufacture of implants, is the parent company for the two leading implant manufacturers, Nagor and Euro Silicones. All euro silicone implants are manufactured in full compliance with the ISO and EU requirements and are CE certified according to the requirements of the Directive 93/42 / EEC for medical products. Annually produces over 200,000 implants euro silicones and achieved the special surface texture according to own a proven reduction of Kapselfibrosen. The GCA is Euro silicone comfort guarantee for silicone-filled breast implants for all patients. The manufacturer provides new implants in case of an Exchange as a result of damage or implied Kapselfibrosen.


Nagor breast implant

Nagor is a manufacturer of breast implants, silicone and saline solution, as well as related medical devices. Nagor sold implants since 1979 and every implant comes with a lifetime warranty for patients. Currently, they distribute products in more than 60 countries worldwide with the exception of North America. Global consolidated aesthetics (aesthetics of GC), which has over 40 years experience in the development and manufacture of implants, is the parent company for two leading implant manufacturers, Nagor and Euro Silicones. All products by Nagor are manufactured in facilities, 13485 standards and requirements conform to ISO, which are required for sterile medical devices of class III of the breast implants, and comply with the ISO and EN requirements. In addition, the implants with the CE marking are provided.


Polytech breast implant

Founded in 1986, operation specializes in breast implants, which are produced in the Dieburg Hesse near Frankfurt in Germany under very high quality standards. With implants of different kinds, Polytech is on course for growth for years. POLYTECH breast implants are filled with special silicone gels that are approved for long-term implantation. These gels are highly networked and cohesive. The shell is with all breast implants made of silicone elastomer, which is particularly resistant to chemical and mechanical effects. Breast implants are produced with smooth or combed on surface, or coating of polyurethane foam.


Laboratoires Sebbin breast implant

Laboratoires Sebbin (founded in 1986) is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of medical devices for cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. The primary product lines are breast implants. The distribution network is focused mainly on Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and South America.


Establishment Labs breast implant

® Silicone breast implant guarantees high quality standards for Motiva implants establishment Labs (founded in 2004) with headquarters in Costa Rica and distributions in Belgium, United States and Brazil. With more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of breast implants, the aim was above all a natural result. Motiva implant breast implant series, Matrix® has created a new generation of silicone implants with patented the manufacturer.


Poly implant prosthesis (PIP) breast implants

By 2010, there was more and more clues regarding broken implants by the victims and led in the pending investigation to, the French manufacturer of PIP in the Visir of several authorities has. On the 10.12.2013, the Court in Marseille sentenced the 74-year-old Jean-Claude Mas to 4 years in prison. The founder of PIP (Poly implant prosthesis) had its customers deceived the Court considers together with a handful of employees for many years all over the world. MAS must not compete for the time being still his detention, because the defense attorney of the 74 against the judgment has appealed. Four indicted former employees were filled with lighter sentences by the Court in Marseille.

The breast implants were manufactured with a cheap silicone from the industry. The properties of the implants were not the standard despite TÜV.


Price - cost in euro: 

4000 - 6000


Operation kind

usually general anesthesia

Operation duration

approx. 1 hour

Inpatient stay

1-3 days




usually well

Ability to work

After 2-3 weeks


  • If to harden the connective tissue around the implant, the implant must be removed.
  • In case of occurring, the implant must be removed if necessary temporarily.
  • The incision around the nipple is performed the milk ducts or the Middle nerve can be injured.
  • After a serious fall or injury relating to breast implants should be inspected for damage
  • Change the sensitivity of your nipples and breasts
  • Feelings of tension in the chest can survive months
  • X-rays, for example, for the Brustkrebsvorsroge are more difficult.


8-15 years

Operation success

assessed after about 3 to 6 months


Implants below the breast muscle

The implant can be placed "sub muscular" either completely under the chest muscles or "subpectoral" partly under the pectoral muscle here. Partial cover is replaced and then repositioned the large breast muscle on the bottom side. Usually this but no malfunctions or long-term complaints arise.

Advantages of an implant under the breast muscle

  • More cleavage by support under the breast muscle
  • Over the years no some, because the implants in the breast of the chest muscles are then kept
  • Implant may not emerge on the skin
  • Less visible wrinkles or structures with certain implants
  • Suitable for very slim women

Disadvantages of an implant under the breast muscle

  • The breast shape more difficult, because the muscle in
  • Painful after the surgery
  • Not suitable for women who train the upper body more or consume
  • Surgically demanding OP with more risk
  • Rather not suitable for curved breast baskets
  • In the years after that, there is a risk of a broader cleavage

Implants over the pectoral muscle

Above the breast muscle, the implant will either between the muscle and the mammary gland or before the breast muscle tissue, but in but in the soft tissue components placed the connective tissue. The position under the connective tissue reduces the visible contours and gives some more support.

Advantages of the placement of breast implants over the pectoral muscle

  • Breast forms with natural look depending on the implant's desire
  • The breast surgery is easier and less painful
  • Feeling slightly better, authenticity according to implant possible
  • Displacement of the implant by movements virtually impossible
  • Larger implants possible
  • Suitable for different baskets of chest
  • Suitable for women, which train your upper body more
  • Suitable for women with normal or full-bodied figure


  • Implant structure can emerge on the skin, especially in the visible region of the upper
  • Implant edges may be visible depending on the implant
  • Suitable for very slim women
  • In the years after a some big implants high-risk

Current breast implants are filled with a cohesive silicone gel that is reliable and secure. The gel provides a uniform shape and look natural, corresponding to the breast tissue. Gel-filled breast implants usually more natural look and feel more natural. The outer shell of the implants is smooth or structured.

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Monday, December 26, 2016 - 21:13

Das Implantat unterhalb des Brustmuskels hebt den Brustmuskel einfach an. Dadurch hast Du ein tolles Dekollte. Mein Arzt hat mir dazu geraten, weil mein Brustskelett zwar flach ist und ich insgesamt auch nicht zu dünn bin. Es kann nur Probleme geben, wenn Du zu dünn bist, so dass die Implantate auf der unteren Seite der Brust dann ein wenig sichtbar sind. In der Regel sieht den unteren Bereich ja keiner ausser Deinem Partner, aber mich würde das schon stören. Ich hoffe das hilft einigen bei der Wahl der OP.

Liebe Grüße Naila

Comment count: 14
Thursday, February 11, 2016 - 12:42

Ich würde mir auch gerne ein Implantat einsetzen und die Brust straffen lassen. Seit 3 Jahren traue ich mich nicht so richtig und ich kenne leider auch niemand persönlich, der sich ein Implantat einsetzen hat lassen. Aber wenn ichd as hier so lese ist ja nicht so ganz einfach einfach einen Plasitschen Chirurgen auszusuchen. Da muss der Chirurg gut sein, dann wird das Implantat unter oder über dem Brustmuskel gesetzt. und am Ende muss auch noch das Implantat das richtige sein.

Das heisst für mich so viel ... Ich muss einen tollen Arzt in Regensburg und Umgebung finden, der mich uneigennützig berät. Der Arzt sollte dann das optimale Implantat für mich empfehlen und nicht das, bei dem er am meisten verdient ... Seufz ...

Grüße Christin

Comment count: 14
Monday, September 30, 2013 - 20:50
Es kann zu einer Asymmetrie kommen. Ich sage mal so: wenn es sich jetzt schon ungünstig verteilt, könnte es sein, dass du dein Körper dazu veranlagt ist. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass es zu Verformungen kommt, ist also leider nicht so gering.
Comment count: 1
Monday, March 6, 2017 - 12:42

Hi Jara,

eine Wunde kann normalerweise gut heilen wenn der Chirurg an der Stelle gut geschnitten hat und keine Infektionen nach der OP entstehen. Dann heilt und bleicht die Narbe innerhalb von 1 bis 2 Monaten aus. Der Arzt muss die OP mit dem implantat möglichst keimfrei durchführen und die Wunde unterhalb der Brust sollte steril verbunden sein, bis sie richtig am nächsten Tag verklebt ist. Sofern die Wunde nicht nässt kann der Verband dann auch in den ersten 2 Tagen drauf bleiben. Das machen aber nicht viele, um die Wunde zu kontrollieren. Also eigentlich könnte die Narbe schon deutlich aufgehellt sein, wenn man sich intensiv kümmert.
Grüße Baka

Comment count: 4
Friday, October 25, 2013 - 20:14
Liebe Lea, danke für deinen Tip, ich habe jetzt kommende Woche einen Termin bei einem Arzt bei Wiesbaden, der mir von einigen Leuten empfohlen wurde. Wenn da nichts herauskommt, kann ich mir ja mal überlegen, ob ich nicht mal die weite Reise auf mich nehme. Liebe Grüße Carlotta
Comment count: 3