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Buttock lift


Since the Po is heavily equipped with connective tissue is still often discouraged by operations. To restore a tight or crisp Po, also an implant must be used in rare cases, be mounted over the coccyx. The patient can select among different sizes and shapes to represent the naturalness as far as possible. The shelf life is limited, however, and the implant must be replaced again after about 10 years. In particular the examination of EU standards is important in the selection of the implant.

Causes and reasons

Over the years, a genetically predisposed Bindegewebsschwäche and many diets can lead to a relaxation of the POS. Blame is the constant up and down of the body weight. While the skin will be extremely charged and it forms back is getting worse with increasing age.

Regardless of gender also own fatty tissue can be used for modeling of the buttocks.

Problems with fat operations

  • High proportion of dead fat after transplantation
  • Strong calcifications
  • Strong reduction of the transplanted fat tissue
  • Oil cysts by injured tissue
  • Uneven structure by not grown fat cells

Butt firming with fat - for whom?

Enough fat must exist for this type of operation so that sufficient fat as a filler is available in the proceedings of the own fat treatment. Women who like to lose fat on the thighs, the belly or the Po would own for this surgery.

Butt lift surgery

No implant needed, but only a tightening of the Po, however, is for the buttocks the excess skin can through a cut in the crease of the buttocks be removed and streamlined as a result. The subcutaneous fatty tissue can, if appropriate, transferred to the proportioning or surplus also removed.

The excess fat and connective tissue is reduced and reshaped. The procedure is performed usually under general anesthesia. Minor corrections can be made also as an outpatient. The cut must be made either above the buttocks over the middle of the Po or in the buttocks crease.

Additional liposuction can be useful if it is necessary to compensate for the body contour.

Adipose tissue

There are basically two types of adipose tissue. White fat and brown adipose tissue. Brown adipose tissue consists of many fat droplets that mainly serve the heat generation, but are rather rare to find in the body. White fat cells can be found in many places of the connective tissue in the body. Distinction is made between two types of FAT: Depot fat in subcutaneous tissue to meet out for weeks without food. Grease for organs or specific areas of the body such as E.g. the ball of the foot to prevent heat loss or mechanical influence. Two-thirds of the fat lie in the subcutaneous tissue, the rest mainly in the abdomen.

Fat cells and the energy balance

Fat cells build up in the normal case, if a persistent excess of energy (calories) in the body, so more energy is introduced, as is mined. Added new fat cells, it is difficult to rid them permanently again. The reduction of fat cells stretches years depending on the age, muscles, metabolism, and living conditions. Genetically seen that is also useful to bypass simpler times with food shortages.

Cut off one turns the body of food and energy balance, then empty the fat cells only, are available but still in full number. If you now again falls back after a few months training or diet in its old scheme the fat cells fill up again and some new ones. So, it comes to the notorious Yo-Yo effect, which brings more weight on the scales at the end as before the diet.

Price - cost in euro: 

4500 - 8500


Operation kindGeneral anesthesia
Operation interfaceAfter marking can on both buttocks 8-9 of cm long incision a about to insert the implants between the buttocks muscles or if no implant is necessary, incision into the fold of the buttocks
Hospitalizationabout 2-3 days with well-controlled movements to avoid thrombosis
Medication14 Days before the OP no clotting or pain medication
Ability to workAfter approximately 3 weeks
Complaintsat least 3 months
RisksAnother insertion of the implants may be necessary through:
  • painful hardening
  • Shifting of implant
  • Nodule formation by leaking silicone gel
  • Inflammation in the vicinity of the implant
  • Infections
  • Haemorrhage
Resultassess at the earliest after 3 months
DurabilityAbout 10-12 years


After the surgery:

  • At least 1 month continuous wear panty
  • sleep not in pages - but only in prone position
  • Special health or muscle gym
  • No sunlight
  • approx. 4 weeks of no sports and strong lifting

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