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Double chin correction


The double chin is usually due to a weakness of the Platysmamuskels, this can be age - or anlagebedingt. This so-called "Turkey neck" can be fixed extra alone or in the framework of face-lifts.

Minimum cuts below the Chin are led by only 1-2, so that the above listed above Platysmamuskeln can be streamlined or pulled.

This intervention to bring another "advantage": for existing lover Sparrow can this with surgery immediately.

As well, a double chin can be caused by a tooth deformation, it an oral surgeon should be consulted prior to a procedure first.

Since the fat in the Chin area sits very superficially, it is recommended to carry out the procedure only by an experienced plastic surgeon to make.

The fat cells can, liquefied even at the beginning of the intervention with ultrasound, which of course would be more advantageous for the physician and the patient. This method is still often rejected by medical specialists, because she can lead to complications. In this case the choice of the intervention should be left to the experienced doctor.

Price - cost in euro: 

2000 - 5000


operation typeat liposuction Tumescent local anesthesia < br / > outpatient without Face Lifting
operating timeApprox. 1-1.5 hours
correctionneck lift or liposuction
hospitalizationfacelift up to 3 days, otherwise outpatient
ability to workafter about 1 week
durabilityin favorable cases up to 10 years


After surgery:

  • Sleep (few weeks) on the back
  • About 3 weeks no sports and strong lifting
  • cool compresses in the first week, but not directly on the skin set
  • pressure a few days after the surgery

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