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Fat away without surgery with ultrasound


Take off with ultrasound - Reduce fat without surgery and without sports an ultrasonic lipolysis is a pain-free, alternative method for liposuction in plastic surgery. A distinction is made between home and applications accompanied by professionals or doctors.

Ultrasonic fat off treatment

The professionally supervised ultrasonic cavitation is offered by some surgeries and cosmetic Studios. The offer also not only on treatment with ultrasound is limited, but often with additional services like nutrition counseling, massage and lymphatic drainage.

First performed the bioelectric Impendanzanalyse (BIA) or another technique to the analysis of the areas to be treated. This can be the treatment planned and analyzed after each use of the success.

By means of an ultrasonic device the cell walls of the fat cells in the problem areas be damaged due to the formation of bubbles so that they no longer grow or regenerate. The damaged fat cells escapes the fat into the surrounding tissue and is then transported out of the body and the lymphatic system. The inserted device plays a decisive role.

The trick here is the fat cells evenly over the surfaces to be treated to damage that this be removed.

Because a large part of the fat cells can quickly regenerate and fill, it makes sense to combine the long-term success of the treatment with a nutrition and sports. You can support the removal of free fat and destroyed tissue with a lymphatic drainage and massages.

Fat loss ultrasound for at home

There are now many ultrasound devices for the home user. The category most devices are suitable to improve your complexion. Ultrasonic equipment for fat loss are rare, because the treatment must be accompanied more professionally to ensure long-term success.

Before you buy a powerful and expensive equipment from 1000 euros, you can buy a small treatment package with a few units, to assess the prospects for success.

Ultrasonic devices

For home users, there are ultrasonic cavitation equipment starting from 200 euro. For devices of the type, you can have 1500 euro but also, and more. Devices can be found at Amazon or E.g. med-Cotour.

You should be careful when buying:

  • Adjustable frequency range
  • CE certification
  • Transducers suitable for the treatment area
  • Display frequency

Duration of treatment success

The chances of success without lymphatic drainage and nutrition or sports are low in the long term. In the short term can be removed a few pounds quickly, depending on the treatment area. This success is based mainly on the freed fat that was removed.

Because without a change of lifestyle the regenerated fat cells quickly can fill, you should be prior to treatment of the fact that the therapy will include approximately 10 sessions and in addition at least by a nutrition must be accompanied.

So, the treatment is both short term and long term success. The ultrasonic therapy contributes in at least some of which speeds up the whole process.

Fat cells types

There are two types of adipose tissue. White fat and brown adipose tissue. Brown adipose tissue consists of many fat droplets that mainly serve the heat generation, but rarely in the body can be found. White fat cells can be found in many places of the connective tissues in the body. Distinction is made between two types of FAT: Depot fat in subcutaneous tissue to meet out for weeks without food. Grease for organs or specific areas of the body such as E.g. the ball of the foot to prevent heat loss or mechanical influence. Two-thirds of the fat lie in the subcutaneous tissue, the rest mainly in the abdomen.

Slimming and fat cells

Fat cells build up in the normal case, if a persistent excess of energy (calories) in the body, so more energy is introduced, as is mined. Added new fat cells, it is difficult to permanently get rid this. The complete breakdown of fat cells stretches years depending on the age, muscles, metabolism, and living conditions. Genetically seen that is also useful to bypass simpler times with food shortages.

Cut one turns the body of food and energy balance, then empty the fat cells only, are available but still in full number. If you now again falls back after a few months training or diet in its old scheme the fat cells fill up again and some new ones. So, it comes to the notorious Yo-Yo effect, which brings more weight on the scales at the end as before the diet.

The Bioelectric Impendanzanalyse

Is used for the analysis of body composition, and the resistance of the body is measured with an AC. Two electrodes is generated in the body tension and analyzed. This can will measure the following values:

  • Fat mass
  • Mass
  • Body water
  • Extracellular mass
  • Lean body mass
  • Fat free mass

Price - cost in euro: 

700 - 1800


Operation kind

Without anesthesia

Operation duration

No surgery necessary



Only with nutrition and exercise a good result

Ability to work

Right away


  • Damage from implants
  • No use in dentures
  • Risk during pregnancy and lactation
  • Risk of heart and circulatory diseases
  • Impaired liver function
  • Kidney problems


Permanently only with nutrition and sports


Many scam artists who use inferior equipment and offering no coordinated treatment abound in the market segment. Here, one should study just before one decides for a practice.

Even if the treatment requires no surgery and protects nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue, so you must also be aware that the treatment as opposed to the classic plastic surgery long and requires other therapies or a change of circumstances.

An ultrasonic therapy as a home application is suitable as to improve the appearance of the skin less to the reduction of fat cells.

Who wants to lose weight and size however as quickly as possible, which should inform himself about liposuction and skin tightening. During surgery fat cells are controlled in any case permanently removed and the success is visible directly after the surgery.

Prior to the application:

  • 10 days before any blood-thinning agents
  • 10 days before no cigarette and alcohol consumption
  • Remove the piercings and other metals in the treatment area
  • No use in implants or prostheses, pregnancy or lactation, lipid disease, heart and cardiovascular disease or liver and kidney problems.

According to the application:

  • Nutrition for a balanced diet
  • The first week avoid carbohydrates, sugar and fat
  • Sports
  • Approx. 30% more drink a day as normal

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