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Hair desertification with power


The removal of hair with the so-called needle epilation brings more success than before laser treatment. Here, the hair follicles are destroyed.

The removal of the hair must be at the right growth stage. As a result, it is essential that multiple treatments are performed to achieve a good result.

Needle epilation electricity over a probe is transferred to a thin needle, which is introduced directly into the hair follicle. Hair for hair is destroyed at the root and then gently pulled out with a pair of tweezers. This work is very laborious and requires lot of patience by the surgeon and the patient.

Price - cost in euro: 



treatmentwith the help of current individual be desolate hair roots and removed. Usually, a local anesthetic in the form of an ointment is applied to
durationvery lengthy, as each hair individually is desolate and multiple sessions are necessary
  • by scratching can leave scars
  • scar formation, when the surgeon removes the needle from the skin and it under power is


After surgery:

  • skin keep rather dry
  • No scratching or touching of treating bodies until the scabs fall off
  • 3 weeks no sauna visits
  • avoid sunlight

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