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Hair transplantation with natural hair


It opts for a hair transplant, a creation of your own hair only on the forehead or on different smaller bodies, is useful E.g. for accidents or injuries.

Donation hair is taken usually in the neck area, because there most of the time hair, which is very similar and therefore a transplant well to use for the hair in its nature.

Several sessions are needed for a self hair transplantation and is therefore also not entirely cheap, but the result is usually permanent.

Operation details

  • Removing a strip of skin 1-3 cm, minimum 10 x possible closure by a seam.
  • Trimming this extracted grafts (2 to 5 hair included).
  • Now inserting on the bald patches that were previously prepared with a local anaesthetic so they swell slightly.
  • Small cuts with special scalpels in the concerned places.

Price - cost in euro: 

2000 - 8000


operation typelocal anesthesia
surgery duration
  • 2-4 hours (this hair can be transplanted up to 1000)
  • usually 2-4 sessions (distance between these meetings about 3-5 months)
healingthere is no contact with the wounds before the suture removal after approx. 8 days.
Ability to workat light work already after 1 day
Riskthere is the possibility that the transplants from the skin to be taken, this can help the physician in most cases
successin the first few weeks almost all transplanted hair may fail, but they grow back after this time. The success of approx. 80-90% are doctors surgery methods right.
Medications3 months taking minoxidil after 4 weeks of the last intervention


After surgery:

  • 4 Weeks no sports or sauna
  • avoid excessive exposure to the Sun
  • especially for these procedures is an experienced specialist in demand, otherwise could be scars form

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