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Laser technology for hair


Medical science has developed more and more in recent times laser technology, so it is used also for the removal of body hair.

But new and improved laser models on the market, it is advised to inform themselves here carefully. At the time, the diode or Ruby lasers are most commonly used.

Dark hair can be removed, light hair can not be treated with modern laser technology.

Many hair, different growth phases

A treatment can only be if the hairs are just at the right growth stage. Performed only one session is approx. 70% of all cases-new growth. Thus, several treatments must be carried out in order to lasers all hair in their different stages of growth.

Price - cost in euro: 





  • outpatient, possibly with a local anesthetic ointment to the light stun
  • the energy pulses of the laser are used selectively in a width of approx. 7 mm


  • facial hair, a few minutes
  • lower leg hair, 1 hour
healingslight skin redness or sores that are comparable to a sunburn can occur.
Riskcan discoloration occur while tattoos treated with laser and scars form.


After surgery:

  • 3 Weeks no sauna visits
  • avoid sunlight

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