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Lip augmentation


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Many women want a mouth full, blazing, because thin lips are considered strict and boring face expression. A lip augmentation can help to do this, and also be reviewed. To fulfill this desire for sensuality, the cosmetic surgeons offer several methods for this special intervention.


Data at a glance




Own fat cells to be injected from the thigh or abdomen in the lips. This treatment is more expensive, but longer. But this 50-80% fat is broken down in the course of the years again.

Connective tissue substances

An injection of connective tissue materials can be very good to use, since she spread well in the lips

Cattle protein

It can be injected a protein from BSE free cattle, that is very well tolerated. This treatment lasts approximately 3-8 months.


With this method, lip wrinkles can be smoothed out again. This method is durable, but very much sensitivity by the surgeon, because deeper must be injected.

Viscoelastic gel

An injection with viscoelastic gel which consists of Bindegewebssstoffen, holds approximately 3-8 months. This gel is spread very well in the lips.

Surgical enlargement

To achieve a lasting success with surgical magnification, leaving a nearly invisible seam. A small "tunnel" is in the lip by 2 small cuts prepared introduced a muscle strips and sewn. This muscle strips can be removed from several parts of the body, E.g. breast muscle, upper eyelid, etc.

Implants made of Goretex

Can be inserted into the lips, are but takes getting used to. You not handle it, the Goretex thread that was used can be removed easily.

Upper lip cut

Also some surgeons is interesting, by carefully cutting off a strip of skin (mucous membrane) of the upper lip right on the edge, so that the lip is pulled upwards a little and again sewn. An excellent plastic cosmetic surgeon must perform this method, keep no scars in this very visible area.


Who wants to avoid surgery or such procedures, can show a suitable make-up technique by a beautician.

Permanent makeup

As another alternative, a lip tattoo could be done by a specialist. Before a procedure, an allergy test (mainly collagen allergy test) should be made however (about 4 weeks ago).


Price - cost in euro: 

450 - 1200


Type of surgery

surgical Lip augmentation, local anesthesia, possibly also ambulatory

Operation time

1-2 hours depending on the difficulty

Ability to work

after about 1 week (swelling can stop may be longer)


nly approximately 3-8 months, with a surgical magnification, usually permanently


as desired


special make-up technique or lip tattoo


arise redness and swelling, as well as infections like almost after every operation


Prior to surgery:

  • approximately 14 days prior to surgery take any blood-clotting agents

  • approx. 14 days prior to surgery the smoking stop

  • even when local anesthesia at least 0.5 day before eat no food and liquid

After the surgery:

  • at least 1 week little talk, laugh and only light food to take, i.e. the lips move little

  • discuss with the doctor at bias to sores precautionary measures

  • no efforts for approx. 4 weeks

  • Cool packs set (but not directly on the skin)

  • No heat (sunbathing whatsoever), as well as hot showers for 2-3 weeks, the same applies to cold

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