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Skin aging


The skin loses its elasticity with age as an adult and is always dry time. The collagen in the skin which is essential for the clamping force will be softer. Paying attention from early childhood to the harmfulness of the UV rays of the Sun, the aging process is progressing faster. Caused by ultravoilettes light, especially UVA, free radicals which damage the collagen in the skin and cause wrinkles.

Still, premature skin aging also due to disturbance in the blood supply and Streß can be general. The first signs of skin ageing is reflected around the eyes and the mouth. Will in the course of time the skin's elastin (tension of the skin) and collagen (moisture-binding) reduces, which cater for the strength and elasticity of the tissue, the tissue weakens. The consequence of this is that wrinkles are formed.
Skin care

A premature aging of the skin too much washing can be responsible for, that the renewal of the Hauttzellen at risk. Sun rays (UVA and UVB) can change the inheritance genes of the cells and in the worst case cause even skin cancer.
Skin structure

The skin of an adult human is on the average about 10-15 pounds and consists of 3 layers.

  • Epidermis
  • Leather skin
  • Subcutaneous fat

The most important layer is the epidermis. It keeps the moisture and prevents entry into the deeper tissues. The underlying keratin cells be renewed approximately every month and pushed to the surface of the skin. Age slowed the epidermis and tends more to horny, so the doctor visit is essential, with increasing age as the horny should be checked for skin cancer.
The DermIS is considerably thicker than the epidermis and consists of a thick, gel-like substance. In it, lymphatic and blood vessels run. In the age is flatter than in the time of youth, it skin bleeding may be the wavy kind of leather skin easier and this blood unterlaufende age spots.
The subcutaneous fatty tissue consists of a network of connective tissue and fat cells. With a weak connective tissue, the skin loses its elasticity. The reduced fat leads to dehydration. As a result the skin is wrinkled, flaccid and additionally increases the risk of injury.
Preservation of elasticity

  • Moisturizing cream (apply daily for the hydration of the skin)
  • Eye cream (knocking every day under the brows and eyes, do not rub)
  • Night cream (regeneration of the skin)

The collagen extracted from cattle skin is often used for injections in folds and creases.You can get a few weeks before the injection in the forearm collagen inject a small dose is, to see whether the material is tolerated. Today's collagen does unfortunately only 6 months up to 1 year before it is broken down by the body. Then must be newly injected. You can Dodge on hyaluronic acid on collagen intolerance.


UV lightProtection from UVA and UVB radiation
CreamsMoisturizer, eye cream and night cream with Antioxidatien, minerals and trace elements
Scrubsnatural and chemical peels
InjectionsHyaluron acid, Botox, fat...
LiftingSkin streamlining


Prevention of skin ageing:

  • appropriate sun protection factor
  • Creams containing antioxidants (Q10, vitamin C/E, retinol)
  • Creams with minerals and trace elements (magnesium, zinc, copper,...)
  • adequate sleep
  • lots of exercise (bike and ski driving, jogging etc.)
  • Healthy diet
  • Little or no alcohol, cigarette waiver
  • less Streß

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