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Spider veins - sclerotherapy


Desertification (sclerotherapy) is a treatment method to reduce spider veins. This injected a means in the veins, through the affiliated resulting inflammation in the tissue glue the veins, so no blood can flow through more.
The detached tissue particles are excreted through the lymphatic channels again. During pregnancy, this intervention should not be made.

Price - cost in euro: 



Operation kindusually outpatient, multiple sessions can be but necessary
Operation durationDepending on the amount of at least 0.5-1 hour
Ability to workAfter 2-3 days
  • new spider veins elsewhere may arise
  • If the doctor isn't exactly meets the small veins, brown spots can result


prior to surgery:

  • for several weeks no Sun

After the surgery:

  • Unconditional wearing elastic bandages for at least 1 week
  • even after the Veröden no Sonnenbestrahlungen of whatsoever for several weeks
  • No heat (E.g. sauna) for several weeks

Advice for the future:

  • frequent cold showers on the legs
  • High camps of the legs
  • frequent moving of the legs (Sport: swimming, running, jogging, etc.)

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