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Thigh toning


Before the thigh lift , drawn in standing up the fence and voted together with the patient, how much skin should be removed. There are different methods and cutting guides for the thigh tightening.

The skin is pulled after cutting from bottom to top. The excess skin is removed and the wound is sutured. While the skin is attached to the pubic bone, and at the same time at the inguinal ligament. By the fixation to the inguinal ligament surgery lasts longer the result.

Thick thighs with a very flaccid skin can also have a cut lengthwise on the thigh inside be streamlined. The cut is from the groin to the knee.

Thigh fat away

In the context of the thigh lift, also the aesthetic impression of the buttocks can be improved by the specialist for plastic surgery removes the fat wedge-shaped and thus repositioned buttocks. The streamlining of the thighs can also be combined with liposuction.

The scars can be kept small by a different suturing techniques. In the months after the surgery, you have a good chance of healing good scar care with appropriate creams. If drains are necessary for the derivation of wound fluid set.

After surgery, usually antibiotics be administered to prevent infections.

Price - cost in euro: 

4000 - 6000



usually under local anesthesia

Operation duration

Depending on the size of the intervention 1-3 hours

Stay in the clinic

Stationary, about 5 days

Resultevaluated after 3 to 4 months
Ability to workDepending on the procedure 2 to 6 weeks
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Infection, haemorrhage
  • Sensory disturbances in the operated area
  • Tearing the muscle seams
  • Circulatory problems
  • SCAR Ridge
Durabilitypermanently, but depending on the leadership of the lifestyle
Health insuranceassumes the cost, only medical indexed cases rarely


Prior to surgery:

  • 10 days before any blood-thinning agents
  • 10 days before no cigarette and alcohol consumption
  • Forego hormone medications or birth control pills

After the surgery:

  • sedentary activities should be avoided for several weeks
  • Compression associations or stockings for at least 2-3 months
  • no wear to tight clothing
  • Shower 2 weeks avoid no sunlight and hot tubs and saunas for a few months,
  • 3 months no sports or other heavy physical work
  • Abstain from cigarettes and alcohol for several weeks

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