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  • May 2020

    Beautiful voice-For some people a personal wish, which belongs to an attractive picture. For others an occupational requirement. In plastic surgery, calls himself the voice lifting operation and apply to professional singers, actors and other professional groups, which want to rack her voice or just beautify. For a few years, the rate of persons who wish to operate the vocal cords for purely aesthetic reasons increases however. The intervention should be however always medically indicated.

    The vocal cords

  • May 2020

    Get freckles

    Freckles caused by pigment cells in the skin (melanocytes), which produce increasingly darker pigments (melanin) and surrender to the neighbouring Horn-forming cells (keratinocytes) and discolor it.

  • May 2020

    Protruding ears are a deformity of Pinna, already resulting in the development of the embryo. An excess of tissue in the vicinity of the ear canal with a protruding inner ear or an exceptionally large ears cause the effect of sailing ears. An ears OP can perform at the earliest from the fifth year of life, when the danger of psychological damage caused by the tight rein on other children. The procedure can be performed in children with very distinctive protruding ears before starting school.

  • May 2020

    Remove Mole-Birthmarks and moles with the dangerous skin cancer be confused, if you fail to determine the type. Therefore should be first perform scheduled surgery to the dermatologist and a Hautscan before.

    If Mole turns out as benign tumors you can plan its removal. Smaller moles can be easily laser-etched up to a size of the diameter of a pencil. With bigger moles operated rather, because the skin growths are different fused and more or less strongly connected to blood vessels.

    Benign or malignant skin tumors?

  • May 2020

    PO Expand - the enlargement of the Po can be performed with implants or injections by fat or fillers such as hyaluronic acid. The Po with autologous fat injection to is, if you also vacuum would like to have fat in other areas of the body. With the enlargement of the buttocks, skin problems like cellulite are reduced at the same time.


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